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We help brands in China go global through marketing, advertising and user acquisition, along with building and managing their social media presence overseas.

Big Data

We have tools to track real-time data on a variety of social media platforms, being able to accurately position the audience and analyze current trends to create a strategic marketing plan.

Social media localization

We work with trending social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google and more to market and advertise our client’s products and brands overseas.

Integrated Marketing

From research and strategy to content creation, campaigns, user acquisition, advertising and more, we’re able to create a seamless all-in-one marketing approach tailored to each clients’ needs.

Content Provider

We create creative and localized content for a variety of Clients, allowing them to truly merge into their desired market, increasing their brand awareness.

Our advantages

We have three core strengths to smooth the process of your global journey.

Advanced Technology

We provide an integrated service platform with tools to help track and analyze your real-time social media data. We also help ensure accurate delivery and optimization with efficient marketing tools to track and analyze data and results.

Rich Media Resources

We have a selection of over 1,000 rich media sources to choose from to help achieve your goals. We also have a variety of social media influencers to help increase your brand and product awareness.

Global Team

We have a professional team of diverse talent from all over the world. Our team has a global mindset that understands the market, tailoring strategies and programs just for you.


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Our Partners

We collaborate with some of the most innovative companies in a variety of industries that include Internet, E-commerce, News, Tools, Gaming, Tourism and more.

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