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About Company

PandaMobo is China’s leading “Internet+” integrated marketing and advertising agency acquired by software and technology company, Join-Cheer Software Co., Ltd.

We offer new media marketing solutions and a comprehensive service platform (PandaCompass). We focus on four core business modules that include: big data, localization, integrated marketing services, and content marketing.

Our Achievment

PandaMobo business goals and clients’ type covers the main domestic enterprise, such as electricity, games, mobile Internet, and we long for Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Huawei, 360, China News, the National Conference Center, customer service to guest and other cross-industry. We adhering to the “real, professional, create, win-win” core values, relying on the parent company for a long time in the data management aspects of the software for nearly 20 years of rich experience, PandaMobo constantly leading the pace of innovation, continuous in big data and the field of AI, leading the Chinese enterprises to go global.

And we have started to establish our own social media influencers network, such as WonderPlus, Travel with Panda, etc. we will provide more methods for our clients in the coming future.

Our Perspective

The development of Internet exploited a new era of online navigation and this chance absolutely belongs to China! With the whole world eyeing the East, Chinese government undertook the strategy of “One Belt and One Road” and “Go out policy” to help Chinese enterprises seize the best chance and set foot on the world arena step by step.

As the first Chinese service provider contacted with the global marketing service, we have the ability and obligation to push the idea of “Made with Chinese ” and “China’s Brand” to the world. We will be the first ” internet + “platform!


PandaMobo provides marketing and advertising solutions for a variety of clients within the industries of the following:

Mobile Internet

We can help with obtaining user acquisition for a variety of apps that include tools, news, social, live broadcasts and more.

Government & Enterprises

We help the Chinese government, news media, and tourism boards expand to international markets, increasing brand awareness.


We provide diversified overseas promotion services for ecommerce and exportation to enhance international competitiveness of the theory, “Made in China”.


We provide customized solutions and localized content marketing for game companies, developing user bases to increase cash ability of products.

Passionate About Our Work

“PADIET” comes from passionate, agile, detail oriented, inclusive
, collaborative and entrepreneurial, being our root spirits to ensure our client of tangible benefits.

Detail Oriented

We pay close attention to detail and are known as perfectionists.


We’re able to adapt to different situations, quickly grasping new concepts and media trends.


We’re a young enthusiastic team that’s eager to work with new clients.


We’re self-starters, taking on challenges and initiative to create change.

Willing to Share

We’re always sharing thoughts and ideas, promoting an open and friendly environment.


We’re transparent and believe in communication within teams and projects.

Quality Skills

PandaMobo has always shouldered with overseas trend since its establishment, leading the market with advanced technology. Our team has a wealth of technology and experience to design effective and differentiated marketing strategies and solutions for our clients.

We help brands in China establish and develop a strong brand awareness along with achieving performances that exceeds expectations.

Big Data
New-media Marketing
Integrated Marketing
Content Creative


Service for the thousand Chinese enterprises, help your brand  more intelligent, efficient and convenient.