Our Team

The power of Panda may be energy, passionate, enthusiasm, creativity, cohesion, concentration, and all of these are the essence of all our wills and motivations.

Jerry Li


He had contact with the media, respectively in different domains such as news and mobile Internet, proficient in digital marketing and business development, successfully establish strategic partnership with well-known companies at home and abroad.


Daniel Deng


With a MBA degree at the university of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, he once took office kingsoft international business development executives, and as the pioneer of the domestic mobile marketing experts, he has deep understanding of mobile digital.


Denis Yu

VP of Sales, Internet

The years of media industry background, makes he good at understanding mobile Internet industry, and he has good communication and negotiation ability, good at social media sales channels. Also he have many years experience in marketing and advertising.


Cynthia Liu

VP of Sales, Government

She was in charge of the BBC's China business media activities to promote business. With rich experience in media promotion and overseas media knowledge, she takes more than China's tourism administration and the government's overseas promotion project.


Bob Lin

Chief Technology Officer

His focus is responsible for the large data advertising service platform and huge amounts of data analysis platform architecture design, and lead the development team rapid iteration, leading technology strategy blueprint, build industry the strongest technical teams.


Coco Wang


Worked as advertising and director of operations in an international company, she is good at Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and proficient in Google and other marketing and optimization, for customers to find the most suitable solution.